Food manufacturing business that uses customized waste management

Food & Beverage Waste Generators


We provide food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, cold storage facilities, pet food manufacturers, and other waste generators with a customized organic materials management solution.

Food waste as part of organic waste recycling to create renewable energy
Truck hauling food waste for farm powered anaerobic digestion
Depackaging waste at a organic waste recycling facility, preparing the food waste for farm powered anaerobic digestion
Graph representing data tracking for organic waste recycling and commercial waste recycling
Food waste as part of organic waste recycling to create renewable energy

Waste Management Solutions

We collect, depackage, and sustainably repurpose food and beverage waste materials from manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and more.

Meeting Your Industry’s Waste Needs

We provide customized materials management solutions across a range of industries:

  • Food & beverage manufacturers
  • Food & beverage distributors/wholesalers
  • Food & beverage retailers
  • Restaurants & food service
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals & correctional facilities
  • Other food & beverage waste generators
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Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling

Your Organic Food Waste Always Goes to the Most Sustainable End Use

We work with you to develop a holistic waste management solution that ensures all materials are recycled into renewable energy at a Farm Powered anaerobic digester near your facility. For rare cases when that is not feasible, we’ll find the most value-driven waste solution available. truck for commercial food waste recycling and waste management solutions

Reliable, Customized Materials Management Logistics

We can service you through our own network of strategic partners and haulers or work with your current hauler. We are also fully equipped to handle any emergency situations you may encounter.

    Liquid digestate tank holding sustainable fertilizer from farm powered anaerobic digestion

    Zero Waste to Landfill

    With Vanguard Renewables, you'll always know where your waste is going and how it benefits your company, local farms, and the environment. We will never send your materials to a landfill.

    Sample sustainability certificate for commercial waste recycling, a food and beverage waste solution

    Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Our Farm Powered recycling program contributes to Scope 3 reductions from food and beverage operations. You will receive regular reports detailing your waste recycling impacts and have ready access to tonnage recycled and GHG data.

    Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

    The Farm Powered Strategic Alliance is a collaborative group of leading national and regional brands focused on advancing sustainability. We commit to reduce food waste, increase recycling, expand renewable energy generation, and support farms across America.

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    Ready to make a difference? Find out how we can partner to harness the power of food and beverage waste.

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