Depackaging waste at a organic waste recycling facility, preparing the food waste for farm powered anaerobic digestion

Organics Pre‑processing & Recycling


We accept, depackage, and process packaged food and beverage waste, providing a sustainable solution that diverts more food waste from landfills.

Depackaging Food and Beverage Waste

Food waste as part of organic waste recycling to create renewable energy

Step 1: Pre‑processing

Vanguard Renewables' advanced Organics Receiving Areas depackage and pre‑process expired goods, off‑spec batches, or unsafe to eat food and beverage products.

Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling

Step 2: Recycling

The extracted food waste is recycled at a Farm Powered anaerobic digester, where it is combined with farm waste and converted into renewable energy. Some waste streams skip step 1 and enter the anaerobic digester directly.

Explore the Process

Features of an Organics Receiving Area truck for commercial food waste recycling and waste management solutions

The Organics Receiving Area is the most sustainable way to divert packaged or unsellable organic waste from landfill or incineration. Here, waste is pre‑processed prior to entering the anaerobic digester.

    Key Features

    • Waste materials separator and sealed walking floor pre‑process organic waste and separate it from packaging
    • Grit and plastics separation
    • Carbon filter featuring 6 to 10 air changes per hour
    • Closed system with fast-acting doors and air curtains
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    Why Vanguard Renewables?

    • Increased diversion of food waste from landfills
    • Production of renewable energy
    • Improved soil health
    • Reduced carbon footprint
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