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Food Tank is dedicated to growing and spotlighting the important work of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty around the world. Becoming a member of the FPSA is a natural alignment for our organization; we work in the same space with complementary approaches to a more sustainable food system. It’s important to note that although we focus on advocating for nutritious food for all, we understand that the United States sends more than 30% of its food waste to landfills or incinerators. Diverting the inedible food waste to create renewable energy is an important step in reaching all of our climate change goals.” – Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank

About Food Tank

Food Tank is a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to eradicating hunger, poverty, and obesity and creating change in our food system. Danielle Nierenberg and Bernard Pollack co-founded Food Tank in 2013 and have since built a network of people committed to sustainability and food security. Food Tank highlights innovative sustainable agriculture solutions while advocating for change.

Food Tank’s mission to promote a more sustainable food system that provides access to healthy food aligns with the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance’s goal to reduce and repurpose food waste before recycling it into renewable energy. With Food Tank as an FPSA member, we hope to work together to generate greater awareness of food waste’s multiple pathways and to highlight organizations and individuals who are joining the fight against food insecurity and climate change.

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