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“We have long sought an opportunity to use anaerobic digesters to convert food waste into renewable energy, and Vanguard Renewables’ facility and model is delivering for us. We must tackle food waste and make good on our goal to turn the food waste we create here in Websterville into renewable energy, and thanks to this partnership, and our new membership to the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, we’re doing just that.” – Adeline Druart, President of Vermont Creamery

About Vermont Creamery

Vermont Creamery has been a champion of sustainable agriculture since its founding in 1984. B Corp certified since 2014, Vermont Creamery is an award-winning leader in artisanal dairy products ranging from culinary creams to butter and goat cheese. A key part of Vermont Creamery’s mission is to support the earth through minimizing its environmental impact. Joining the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance allows Vermont Creamery to build on its sustainability mission by recycling its food waste into renewable energy and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.