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BevPros (Formerly Hillebrand), now a DHL company, has provided global beverage logistics services for almost 180 years. As a member of the UN Global Compact, they have been an advocate for sustainability and environmental stewardship for many years. BevPros is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint, promoting a circular economy, and raising awareness among their customers about sustainable activities.

They officially branded their turnkey solution called EcoBev in 2008 and have managed unsaleable beer and spirits disposal projects and applicable recycling since the early 2000s. In the past two decades, they have executed thousands of projects recycling millions of cases of product and packaging while generating renewable energy.

BevPros is recognized as an industry leader in providing brewer-centric solutions enabled by technology and their comprehensive network of supply chain service providers and wholesalers. Brewers rely on BevPros’ domestic and global supply chain solutions and keg management services including keg leasing (KegFleet), fleet management and reverse logistics (Kegspediter), and tracking (KegID).

Membership in the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance demonstrates their commitment to being a global leader in sustainable product disposal. Having a seat at the table with some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry to resolve food waste concerns and mitigate the effects of climate change will allow them to offer continuously improving disposal and recovery solutions to their customers.

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For more information about EcoBev, visit: https://www.slg.com/ecobev/

When I learned about the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance from founding member, Vanguard Renewables, it became very clear we needed to participate in this alliance. For our customers, this is a way to facilitate lowering their carbon footprint and moving their sustainability goals forward when waste is unavoidable. This alliance plays an important role in helping our farmers produce their own energy, minimize chemical fertilizers, and generally improve the operating environment of the people who keep food on our tables.

Malaina Hudson, CPIM, Director of Supply Chain Services

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