FPSA Member: Chobani

Logos of Chobani and Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, with a background image of a farm using anaerobic digestion

About Chobani

In 2022, Chobani officially began its Sustainability Task Force, which oversees goal setting for our sustainability priority areas and provides resources that encourage employees to continue to do better for our people and planet.

In addition, Chobani has six working groups devoted to key areas of their business that impact the communities and the world around us. These cross-functional groups work regularly to find efficiencies and projects that reduce our environmental impact. Focus areas include water, waste, packaging, sustainable and diverse supply chains, energy and emissions, and diversity and inclusion.

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We are creating a food system for the future, with a purpose to improve the world around us. We are also deeply committed to playing an active role in this transformation for the betterment of our planet, our people, and our communities. We view our membership in The Alliance as a way for us to share our common goals and ideas with our partners. We don’t just want to check boxes but make a real and impactful difference. We are excited to join this Farm Powered movement.

Mark Broadhurst, Vice President, Impact & Advocacy, Chobani

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Cow in dairy farm with manure management through farm powered anaerobic digestion
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