Great Lakes Cheese

Logos of Great Lakes Cheese and Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, with a background image of a farm using anaerobic digestion

About Great Lakes Cheese

Great Lakes Cheese is the nation’s largest natural cheese packager and award-winning cheese manufacturer. Its products include natural cheeses, processed cheeses, specialty cheeses, and more. Since their founding by Swiss immigrant Hans Epprecht in 1958, the company has strived to pack with purpose, by offering stable careers with infinite potential to employee-owners, making investments for long-term success, and taking concrete actions to support our planet for generations to come. Great Lakes Cheese’s membership in the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance will reinforce their commitment to ensuring dairy is an environmental solution to our greatest sustainability challenges.

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For more than 60 years Great Lakes Cheese has been committed to creating quality products, supporting regional agriculture, and putting people and the environment first. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint – from sourcing renewable energy to minimizing packaging waste, and now diverting our organic waste from the manufacturing process to create renewable energy via Farm Powered anaerobic digestion.

Edward Learoyd, Vice President of Food Safety, Safety, Quality, and Regulatory

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