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About Polar Beverages

With a history tracing back all the way to 1882, Polar Beverages is now the largest independent bottling company in the United States. Originally a spring water company purchased by whiskey distiller Dennis Crowley, Polar is now operated by the fourth and fifth generations of the Crowley family and based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Polar Beverages has grown to have fans around the country and expanded their array of beverages to include popular limited-edition seasonal drops, seltzer lemonades, and more.

Polar is committed to minimizing raw materials used in their production process, all of which are 100% recyclable. Sustainable choices made by Polar include redesigning their bottles and caps to use less material, replacing all lighting in their facilities with LED bulbs with motion detection, reducing water usage by over 75 thousand gallons per day, reducing miles driven for deliveries, and more. Polar has been a partner of Vanguard Renewables for years by not only recycling their beverage waste and other byproducts, but also by purchasing renewable energy to power their Massachusetts facility. By joining our Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, Polar Beverages is doing even more to support local dairy farms and contribute to a circular economy.

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If you’re reckless with natural resources it’s very expensive. What Vanguard Renewables is doing, it’s just spectacular. They’re combining food waste with cow waste and they’re gathering all this methane and they’re generating power. We couldn’t be more thrilled to join the FPSA and further our commitment to being stewards of the environment.

Chris Crowley, Executive Vice President

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