Anaerobic digestion creating clean energy from food waste recycling

Clean Energy Buyers


We work with utilities and commercial clean energy buyers, helping to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring a steady supply of renewable natural gas.

City lights representing renewable energy
Highways with cars representing the need for renewable energy
Three smoke stacks representing the need for clean energy
Gas flame representing the need for renewable energy

Clean Energy Solutions

Anaerobic digestion creating renewable energy from food waste recycling

Renewable Energy

Providing a dependable supply of renewable energy for your business.

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Building Partnerships with Leading Energy Providers

We build strategic partnerships with leading energy providers to deliver zero emissions renewable natural gas to millions of U.S. consumers while supporting our host dairy farmers.

The result: We reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking hundreds of thousands of cars off America’s roads or planting millions of new trees.

Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling

From Organics Recycling to Renewable Energy

We’re building a circular solution by scaling networks of farmers, waste generators, and clean energy buyers.

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