Dairy cows in a barn that practices manure management in regenerative agriculture

Dairy Farmers


We build and operate anaerobic digesters on host dairy farms of all sizes, providing manure management, a new revenue stream, and beneficial byproducts via two platforms: manure-only to renewable natural gas and codigestion of food waste to renewable natural gas.

How Farmers Benefit


Anaerobic Digestion Benefits

Farm Powered anaerobic digestion yields many benefits for farmers, including:

  • Diversified income stream
  • Enhanced manure and nutrient management system
  • Reduced farm odor
  • Low-carbon, nutrient dense fertilizer that reduces fertilizer costs and boosts crop yields
  • Dry animal bedding material to increase cow comfort
    Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling

    How It Works

    Farm Powered anaerobic digestion converts food and farm waste into renewable energy and valuable agricultural byproducts.

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