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Our Farm Powered anaerobic digestion program consists of two platforms: manure-only to renewable natural gas suited for large dairy farms, and codigestion of food waste to renewable natural gas suited for smaller dairy farms.

Two Dairy Farm Solutions

Family on a farm that uses anaerobic digestion for manure management and regenerative agriculture

Small to Mid-Sized Dairy Farms: Organic Waste Codigestion to Renewable Energy

Regenerative agriculture and sustainability take center stage in the operations of Vanguard’s farm partners. We began working alongside small to mid-sized farms to solve manure and nutrient management challenges and provide a diversified income stream in 2014 and now have seven operating anaerobic codigestion projects and 60 projects in development. No farm investment is required. Farms receive an additional income stream for hosting the digester, reduced expense for fertilizer and bedding, methane emissions reduction, enhanced nutrient management, and improved herd health. 

A typical farm in our Farm Powered codigestion program milks 350 to 1,500 head and has approximately 1,800 acres of cropland. Hosting a Farm Powered facility minimizes on-farm methane emissions by recycling farm manure, combining it with food and beverage waste in an anaerobic digester, and producing renewable energy and low carbon fertilizer. Farms can be secure knowing that the anaerobic digester on their farm is owned andprofessionally operated by Vanguard personnel with 24/7/365 monitoring. Farmers can do what they do best – farm. 

Anaerobic digestion creating clean energy from food waste recycling

Large Dairy Farms: Manure-only to Renewable Energy Program

Since 2019, Vanguard RenewablesandDominion Energy have embarked on a strategic partnership to make the benefits of anaerobic digestion available to farms across America and deliver clean, renewable energy to millions of U.S. consumers. The partnership has a proven track record and is the largest waste to renewable energy program of its kind in the U.S. with 10+ operating projects, 50+ digester tanks in construction or commissioning, and a substantial pipeline.

Our nationally recognized manure-only to renewable energy platform develops and operates Farm Powered anaerobic digestion facilities on large dairy farms across the U.S. The program provides long-term manure and nutrient management, reliable methane mitigation, and a diversified and dependable income stream. No farm investment is required – 100 percent of the capital and professional ongoing facility operation is provided. A typical farm in the manure-only program totals 10,000+ dairy cows and these projects often feature a cluster of farms.   

See the below case study of one of our large dairy farm partners in the Hoard's Journal of Nutrient Management.

Case Study

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