Liquid digestate tank holding sustainable fertilizer from farm powered anaerobic digestion

Regenerative Farming Solutions


We provide farms who host our Farm Powered anaerobic digesters with customized manure and nutrient management solutions, helping them to enhance their regenerative agriculture practices.

Benefits for Farms

We partner with dairy and crop farms of various sizes to operate anaerobic digesters on their farms, providing them with a new revenue stream and valuable benefits.

    Benefits for Farmers:

    • Recycles farm waste into renewable energy, low-carbon fertilizer, and animal bedding
    • Reduces on-farm odor
    • Annual lease hosting payment
    • Enhanced manure and nutrient management plan
    • Low-carbon fertilizer can increase crop yield
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Farms of All Sizes

Family on a farm that uses anaerobic digestion for manure management and regenerative agriculture

Small and Medium Dairy Farms

Anaerobic digestion for small and medium dairy farms combines manure and food and beverage waste to produce renewable energy. A typical farm in our Farm Powered codigestion program has 350-1,500 dairy cows.

Anaerobic digestion creating clean energy from food waste recycling

Large Dairy Farms

Manure-only anaerobic digestion is a sustainable solution for large dairy farms. A typical manure-only project consists of a cluster of farms totaling 10,000+ dairy cows, with digesters specially designed to handle high volumes of manure.


Crop Farms

Non-dairy farms such as crop farms are also good candidates for farm-based anaerobic codigestion. Food and beverage waste is combined with manure collected on-site or from a farm nearby and converted into renewable natural gas.

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Sustainable Fertilizer & Animal Bedding

Anaerobic digestion produces valuable agricultural byproducts.

Two people on a farm practicing regenerative agriculture through anaerobic digestion


The digestate (liquid low-carbon fertilizer) contains valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that can improve soil health, increase crop yields, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

Dairy cows in a barn that practices manure management in regenerative agriculture

Animal Bedding

After the waste materials are broken down and the gas is extracted, the remaining solids can be used as a nutrient-rich bedding material for livestock. This helps farmers reduce bedding costs and is an added benefit of this sustainable waste recycling solution.

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From Organics Recycling to Renewable Energy

We’re building a circular solution by scaling networks of farmers, waste generators, and clean energy buyers.

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Why Vanguard Renewables?

Our anaerobic digestion process enables customized manure and nutrient management while enhancing regenerative agriculture practices by:

  • Reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers
  • Improving soil health and increasing crop yields
  • Reducing environmental impact of livestock operations
  • Providing an additional revenue stream
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Ready to make a difference? Find out how we can partner to harness the power of food and beverage waste.

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