Vanguard Renewables Ag develops and operates Farm Powered manure-only to renewable natural gas anaerobic digestion facilities on U.S. dairy farms that address the most challenging problems dairy farmers face today.

Manure to renewable energy production via Farm Powered anaerobic digestion effectively solves those challenges with no farm investment required. Vanguard supplies 100 percent of the capital and ongoing operations for the facility.

A typical Vanguard Renewables Ag dairy waste-to-energy project consists of a cluster of farms totaling 10,000-plus dairy cows.

Our substantial financial resources provide our farm partners with long-term manure and nutrient management, reliable methane mitigation, and a diversified and dependable income stream.

For the first time, dairies across the country have partners with substantial financial resources and a deep understanding of the dairy industry working alongside them to take action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance long-term operational and economic sustainability. The Farm Powered program will have a meaningful impact on greenhouse gas mitigation and dairy waste-to-energy production that will significantly benefit the farm community and the environment.
Kevin ChaseKevin Chase, Chief Development Officer, Vanguard Renewables


In 2019, Vanguard Renewables Ag and Dominion Energy launched a more than $200 million strategic partnership to make the benefits of anaerobic digestion available to farms across America and deliver clean, renewable energy to millions of U.S. consumers. The partnership is the largest waste to energy program of its kind in the U.S. and will result in greenhouse gas emission reductions equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off America’s roads or planting 8 million new trees.

With Vanguard Renewables Ag and Dominion Energy, dairies across the country have partners with substantial financial resources, a deep understanding of the dairy industry, and a proven dairy waste-to-renewable energy production track record. Vanguard Renewables Ag also has energy offtake agreements with other national utilities ensuring a market for the gas produced at our facilities.


  • Vanguard Renewables’ proven performance in farm-based anaerobic digestion

  • No farm capital investment required

  • Committed dairy manure-only to RNG projects in Georgia, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas

  • Enhanced manure management and reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Professional management by Vanguard of all RNG facilities

  • 20-year guaranteed annual fee program contract with host farms – enhances farm income and operations. Not subsidy based

  • $200 million plus long-term partnership with Dominion Energy to offtake RNG

  • Additional gas offtake agreements with national utilities


We have operational projects in Georgia and Colorado, and projects under development in Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, and other major markets.

US Map - Vanguard Renewables AG Projects