Who Says Farm Living Can’t Be Luxurious?

BY Billy Kepner | January 31, 2022
LuxLife Food and Drink Award
Eva Gabor might have thought that Park Avenue was the place to be with its penthouse views, the high-end shopping, and luxury at her manicured fingertips. However, we at Vanguard Renewables know that farms like Green Acres, Jordan Family Farms, or one of the many family farms we work with have their own special kind of luxury.

This is why LUXlife Magazine, an international online magazine highlighting luxury brands, has awarded Vanguard Renewables the Best Dairy Sustainability and Circular Solution Award in their annual Food and Drink Awards edition.

Who knew that manure mixed with inedible food could make such a luxurious form of renewable natural gas? Our co-founders, John Hanselman and Kevin Chase did, and that’s why they started Vanguard Renewables.

Vanguard Renewables may not be a Louis Vuitton or a Balenciaga. Still, we are at the height of fashion when it comes to making renewable energy and pulling food waste from our landfills to help the United States meet its aggressive climate change targets.

LUXlife Magazine got it right when they gave us this award. We don’t like to sound overly pompous, but what we do really matters. Working with partners like Starbucks, Unilever, Dairy Farmers of America, Cabot, Stonyfield, and most recently Smithfield Foods, we are closing that loop from food waste to renewable energy. How exciting is that?

The byproducts of our anaerobic digestion process include healthy bedding for our partner farms’ cows and a little something that we like to call liquid gold – our rich, low-carbon fertilizer that replaces chemical fertilizer and is nearly odorless. Further, the food waste mixed with manure has other added benefits. It saves our farmers money, provides for greater and healthier crop yields, and keeps harmful chemicals off farm fields and out of the soil.

Anaerobic digestion and its byproducts benefit our planet and our partners. It allows our inedible food waste contributors to reach their sustainability goals and helps our partner farmers’ carbon footprint and bottom lines.

Thank you to LUXlife Magazine for understanding that manure and food scraps transformed into renewable natural gas are essential steps in creating a greener and more sustainable future for all of us.

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