Crescent Farm is taking huge steps to increase farm sustainability and enhance relationships with their community by hosting a Vanguard Renewables Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester at the farm.

Approximately 3,650 tons of manure and 36,500 tons of organics annually are combined in the Haverhill anaerobic digester. Methanogenic bacteria break down the manure and organics to produce biogas which powers a 1 MW engine to produce renewable electricity. The digestate material byproduct of the process is a highly potent, low carbon liquid fertilizer used by the farm to reduce commercial chemical fertilizer use and increase crop yields.

The engine powered by the biogas produced in the Farm Powered anaerobic digester generates more than 8,000 MWh per year of renewable energy, which is provided via net metering credits to the City of Haverhill schools and public facilities.


  • 650 acres of produce, pumpkins, gourds, hay and corn
  • Operated by third and fourth generations of Davidowicz family
  • Raises dairy cows, goats, sheep, ducks, and rabbits

  • Farm activities include farm tours and special events
  • Located in Haverhill, Mass.


  • 660,000-gallon capacity
  • 160,000-gallon hydrolyzer
  • 3M gallon effluent storage tank
  • Constructed 2018


  • Income diversification
  • Odor reduction from replacing raw manure with odorless digestate
  • Liquid, low-carbon fertilizer to increase crop yields and protect area soils
  • Reduction in chemical fertilizer use

Annual Digester Input

3,650 tons of manure
36,500 tons of organics

Annual Digester Output

Offsets 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions
Produces 8,000 MWh of renewable energy/year from a 1 MW engine

Provides energy via net metering credits to the City of Haverhill schools and public facilities