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Rutland, MA – Jordan Dairy Farms

Rutland, MA

Jordan Dairy Farms in Rutland, Massachusetts, founded in 1885, has been operated by the Jordan family for six generations.

The farm is a member of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). Operated by brothers Randy and Brian Jordan, the farm has survived despite an extraordinary decline in dairy farm numbers across Massachusetts.

Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling
Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling
Lush landscape surrounding dairy farm with anaerobic digester

Project Facts

  • 950-acre dairy farm
  • Founded in 1885
  • 800 Holstein cows, 300 milked daily
  • 700 Hybrid Double Breasted White Turkeys
  • Located in Rutland, Massachusetts
  • Member of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)
  • Built in 2011, expanded in 2016
  • Annual digester inputs: 20,000 tons of food waste and 9,125 tons of manure
  • Annual digester output: Powers two engines producing 800kW and 4,200 MWh of renewable energy. Offsets 770 tons of CO2 emissions


Prior to becoming a part of the Vanguard Renewables partnership, Jordan Dairy Farm’s monthly electric cost alone was more than $2,400. Partnering with Vanguard on the Farm Powered anaerobic digester project, the farm now receives low-cost energy, hot water, and heat for reuse.

Dairy cows ion a farm that practices manure management in regenerative agriculture

Nearly 20,000 tons of food waste and beverage waste are collected annually from food processors and users and combined with more than 9,125 tons of manure from the farm in a 500,000-gallon digestion tank. Manure and food waste are mixed and microorganisms convert sugars, fats, and other compounds into biogas, annually producing 4,200 MWh of renewable energy and low-carbon, liquid fertilizer to enhance soil health and increase crop yields. The anaerobic digester has revolutionized how the farm gets power, while fitting seamlessly into this quintessential New England dairy farm.

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The sustainability of the anaerobic digester coming into our facility has tremendously helped. We certainly enjoy having the ability to capture the electricity off of the methane gas. And then we use the byproducts for fertilizer purposes.
Photo of Randy Jordan

Randy Jordan, Jordan Dairy Farms


Farm Benefits at a Glance

  • Income diversification
  • Low-carbon fertilizer to increase crop yields and protect area soils
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Odor reduction
  • Reduction in chemical fertilizer use
  • Enhanced nutrient management plan
  • Heat reuse

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