Beyond Net Zero: How Nestle, Dole Sunshine, Unilever, and VR are Boosting Sustainability Impacts

How Companies and Consumers are Catalyzing a More Regenerative Food System

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Beyond Net Zero Webinar

Most companies have sustainability goals today; many have committed to Science Based Targets or a “net zero” carbon impact. Attend this panel to learn how Nestle, Dole Sunshine Company, Unilever, and Vanguard Renewables are doing even more for the health of our planet. From donating millions to industry initiatives to pioneering pre-competitive alliances, these companies are focused on more than today’s financial costs. Join us to learn why and how some of the world’s foremost sustainable food and beverage companies are aiming broader than just improving their impact on the planet.
– Kelley Devaney, Farm Powered Strategic Alliance Manager


Niki King, Sustainability Director, Unilever North America

Emily Johannes, Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing, Nestle

John Hanselman, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Vanguard Renewables

Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer, Dole Sunshine

Kelley Devaney, Farm Powered Strategic Alliance Manager, Vanguard Renewables, Moderator