Food Waste to Renewable Energy:

The Transformative Food Industry Alliance to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Project Drawdown’s 2020 Review cites food waste reduction as the Number One solution in a list of 80+ solutions for combating climate change. Meet food industry leaders committed to pivot unavoidable food waste from a detrimental source of damaging greenhouse gas to carbon-negative renewable natural gas; a powerful tool to fight climate change. You’ll hear from founding members of the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance including Unilever, Starbucks, Dairy Farmers of America, and Vanguard Renewables about how they are pursuing a circular solution to climate change by repurposing unavoidable waste into renewable energy via farm-based anaerobic digestion, and decarbonizing thermal energy usage by converting to renewable natural gas derived from that food waste. Finally, they will share insights into their company’s sustainability goals and the broader view of how they plan to meet those metrics.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to rethink manufacturing and supply chain with food waste management and repurposing as a cornerstone for decarbonization
  • Understand the role of American farmer in greenhouse gas reduction and the economic cycle, including the potential of regenerative agriculture for our planet
  • How food waste reduction and repurposing can impact Scope 3 emissions and attract customers focused on carbon neutrality
  • Beneficial role of carbon-negative renewable natural gas in the renewable energy/decarbonization mix

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John HanselmanAbout the Author
John Hanselman
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Renewables

[email protected]

John Hanselman is Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vanguard Renewables, one of the largest recyclers of food waste in the United States. He has more than thirty years of experience leading renewable energy, environmental, and mission-driven companies. John’s focus is on developing organic waste and decarbonization solutions for food manufacturers, corporations, food retailers, and institutions and enhancing regenerative agriculture practices alongside Vanguard’s farm partners. Vanguard’s Farm Powered anaerobic digester facilities recycle food and farm waste into renewable energy.