Anaerobic digestion facility on a farm, generating renewable energy from food waste recycling


We transform organic waste into a force for good - decarbonizing our world, supporting regenerative agriculture, and powering our lives.

Circular Solution

How We Turn Organic Waste Into Renewable Energy


Food manufacturing business that uses customized waste management

For Food & Beverage Waste Generators

We can help you:

  • Transform your food waste into a powerful decarbonization tool
  • Protect your brand and meet zero waste to landfill goals with our depackaging capability
  • Track your organic tonnage recycled
  • Feel confident you have selected the best possible organic materials management destination for your waste
Food & Beverage Solutions
Anaerobic digestion creating renewable energy from food waste recycling

For Clean Energy Buyers

RNG is a sustainable fuel that:

  • Responsibly captures methane emissions and uses them to power your business
  • Helps you reach your ESG goals and attain defensible environmental attributes
  • Decreases Scope 1 emissions
  • Is a drop-in decarbonization tool requiring little to no capital expenditure
Renewable Energy Solutions
Dairy cows on a farm that practices manure management in regenerative agriculture

For Farmers

Farm Powered anaerobic digestion:

  • Provides two platforms to accommodate farms of all sizes
  • Diversifies farm income and reduces farm odor
  • Improves manure and nutrient management operations
  • Enhances regenerative agriculture practices
  • Generates valuable byproducts for farm use including low-carbon fertilizer and animal bedding
Farm Solutions
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dividerFor the Planet

Our Farm Powered program provides sustainable waste management and clean energy solutions that benefit businesses, dairy farms, communities, and the planet.

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Join our Coalition of Industry Leaders.

Members support recycling food and beverage waste via anaerobic digestion, the advancement of renewable natural gas, and regenerative agriculture. This network of like-minded sustainability leaders collaborates in virtual and in-person events and receives exclusive access to the FPSA Sustainability Toolkit.

Cow in dairy farm with manure management through farm powered anaerobic digestion
Discover the FPSA
Today, more than ever, the world needs leadership and a multi-decade commitment to environmental sustainability. The Alliance is an impactful solution to tackling both food waste and carbon emissions.
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Michael Kobori, Chief Sustainability Off­icer - Starbucks

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Explore exciting opportunities and join a growing team of innovators working together on nature-positive solutions that impact climate change and create clean energy.

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