Vanguard Renewables was founded in 2014 with three primary goals:

  • Produce renewable energy from organic waste to power homes, businesses, and communities
  • Sustain farms for future generations by reducing on-farm methane emissions and providing a diversified income stream and beneficial byproducts that support regenerative agriculture

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food waste by diverting tons of food waste from landfills and incineration in compliance with state organics to landfills bans and food and beverage companies’ ESG and decarbonization goals

“We set out to be a renewable energy company that helped family farms survive for future generations and we are still that company but the growing demand for climate change mitigation and decarbonization strategies has challenged us to be so much more.”
– John Hanselman, Chief Strategy Officer
John Hanselman and Kevin Chase

Farm Powered Projects

Institutionally Funded by Mission-Driven Investors Seeking to Impact Climate Change

With investors committed to solving the most challenging environmental dilemmas of our time, Vanguard has a solid base to pursue business expansion that supports climate change mitigation.

Vanguard Launches Manure-only to Renewable Natural Gas Platform in 2019

In late 2019, with a nationally-renown $200 million plus partnership with Dominion Energy, Vanguard Renewables launched its Vanguard Renewables Ag division to expand anaerobic digestion opportunities to larger dairies needing greenhouse gas reduction and manure and nutrient management. A typical Vanguard Renewables Ag dairy waste-to-energy project consists of a cluster of two to four farms and 10,000 to 30,000 dairy cows. Vanguard Renewables Ag currently has dairy waste to renewable natural gas projects in development in 10 states.

Vanguard’s Advanced Organics Receiving Area goes online in 2020

The new facility in Agawam, Mass. uses the latest technology available to depackage and pre-process food and beverage waste before sending it to one of our Farm Powered anaerobic digesters. It is the most advanced facility of its kind in the Northeast. Expired goods, off-spec batches, and inedible packaged organics can all be accepted for processing.

Expanding Nationwide

One of the largest organics recyclers in America – we’re expanding across the United States. The six operating Farm Powered anaerobic digesters on dairy farms across New England are the foundation for Vanguard’s nationwide rollout of two anaerobic digester platforms: food waste and farm manure to renewable energy and dairy manure-only to renewable natural gas.

  • Forklift Depackaging Facility
  • kegs Depackaging at Facility
  • Screw Sorter at Depackaging Facility
  • Tanks at Depackaging Facility

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