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Young people say not recycling is a dealbreaker

74 percent of Americans would rather shop and spend money at a business that recycles and reuses materials according to a new study by The Recycling Partnership.
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Farm partners are the backbone of our business

We recognize the exceptional challenges that farms face today and the American farmer’s commitment to environmental stewardship. This understanding of the dairy industry, and Vanguard’s substantial financial resources, provide our farm partners with stable, long-term, manure and nutrient management, water conservation, reliable methane mitigation, and a diversified and dependable income stream.

“For the first time, dairies across the country have partners with substantial financial resources and a deep understanding of the dairy industry working alongside them to act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance long-term operational and economic sustainability.” 

Kevin ChaseKevin Chase, Chief Development Officer
Chase and Danielle Goodrich


Alongside our farm partners, Vanguard has a multi-year strategic partnership with Dairy Farmers of America and other farm organizations that help to bring anaerobic digesters to dairies across the U.S. We also partner with leading food and beverage manufacturers, businesses, and food users to provide food and beverage waste reduction and recycling solutions. Our long-term off take agreements with national utilities, corporations, and institutions provide a resource for carbon negative renewable natural gas procurement and support decarbonization strategies.

Farmers Feeding Families

In spring of 2020, Vanguard Renewables, Dairy Farmers of America, and our farm partners joined together to bottle and donate nearly 20,000 gallons of milk to more than 7,500 families in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Farmers Feeding Families milk donation events provided needed support to people in need due to COVID-19.